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Timberline designs and builds its commercial cleaning equipment proudly in Wisconsin, USA. Our company is owned and managed by the founding family with roots back to the 1980’s. Our Timberline equipment is simple and durable, targeting customers who are mindful of their floor cleaning budget.

In addition to designing our machine from scratch we also produce many of the components in-house and invest heavily in finished sub-assemblies. This allows us to build your custom machine order in a matter of hours and ship in just a few days. Floor cleaning machines built to your application’s needs without long delays or irregularities from small “custom” shops.

Timberline Floor Scrubbers is a lower-priced, quality alternative to cheap imported products or reconditioned / demo equipment. Timberline is sold and serviced through Local Distributors world-wide. By controlling the design and assembly process 100%, we can ship necessary parts or provide technical support the very same day.

At Timberline, we strive to be better and different than the rest and put our passion into our equipment. We hope you find our equipment meets or exceeds all of your expectations.

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