Rider M 26 Cylindrical

Rider M 26 Cylindrical

Ride on Floor Scrubbers

Model No: Rider M 26C

Step up your cleaning game with Rider M, our 26 inch Cylindrical Ride-On Floor Scrubber. Perfectly suited for broad spaces like shopping malls, schools, and hospitals, the Rider M shines in tackling areas up to 170,000 sq ft. with ease. Its large cylindrical scrub deck not only scrubs but sweeps simultaneously, making it a champ in handling tough terrains like grouted tiles. With its tool-free brush swapping feature you won’t lose any productivity when changing cleaning approaches. The Rider M, handmade with pride in Wisconsin, USA, is constructed on an all-steel frame, balancing power, size, and agility. Welcome to the future of cleaning with Rider M - your go-to solution for efficient and top-tier cleaning.

  • 176,000 sqft Per Charge: Rider M cleans large areas without interruption.
  • 40 / 42 Gallons: Rider M minimizes downtime with a spacious tank.
  • Superior cleaning performance for tile and grout
  • Healthcare, Grocery, Airports: Rider M excels in various industries.
  • Optional Touch Screen: Enhanced control and customization.
  • Squeegee Blade Variations: Tailor cleaning to specific needs.
  • Scrub and sweep simultaneously, superior cleanliness in one pass.

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