Rider M 28 Disk

Rider M 28 Disk

Ride on Floor Scrubbers

Model No: Rider M 28D

The Rider M 28 inch Disk Scrubber is a powerful floor scrubber that can make quick work of large areas. It has a 28 inch disk brush that can be swapped for different brushes or pads, so you can clean different types of surfaces. The adjustable squeegee blades can be adjusted without tools, so you can get a perfect clean regardless of the surface type or debris. The sturdy steel frame makes it durable enough to withstand daily use, so you can clean with confidence. Whether you're cleaning a school, hospital, or shopping center, the Rider M 28 inch Disk Scrubber can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

  • 176,000 sqft Per Charge: Rider M cleans large areas without interruption.
  • 40 / 42 Gallons minimizes downtime with a spacious tank.
  • 28 inch disk, optimal floor cleaning.
  • Healthcare, Grocery, Airports: The 28 inch deck excels in various industries.
  • Enhanced control and customization with the optional touch screen.
  • • Tailor cleaning to specific needs based on the squeegee blade variation.
  • Exceptional cleaning capabilities with dual scrubbing heads.

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