Rider M 30 Cylindrical

Rider M 30 Cylindrical

Ride on Floor Scrubbers

Model No: Rider M 30C

The Rider M 30 inch Cylindrical is engineered for superior performance and robust durability, this Ride-On Floor Scrubber performs deep cleaning in open spaces. Excelling in Healthcare Facilities, Grocery Stores, Airports, and other environments up to 170,000ft2 (15,793m2). Sporting a powerful 30 inch (76 cm) Cylindrical Scrub Deck that effortlessly tackles difficult to clean surfaces like grouted tile, plus offering the ability to sweep and scrub in one pass. Handmade in Wisconsin, USA, and built on a sturdy steel frame, the Rider M is designed for tool-free brush installation and removal, providing flexibility when switching between brushes according to your application's needs.

  • 176,000 sqft Per Charge: Rider M cleans large areas without interruption.
  • 40 / 42 Gallons: Rider M minimizes downtime with a spacious tank.
  • Extraordinary cleaning performance for tile and grout
  • Healthcare, Grocery, Airports: Rider M excels in various industries.
  • Optional Touch Screen: Enhanced control and customization.
  • Squeegee Blade Variations: Tailor cleaning to specific needs.
  • Scrub and Sweep simultaneously, extraordinary cleanliness in one pass.

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